Believe Women

October 2, 2018sevendayCurrent Events

Last week was intense, to say the least. And I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve never been sexually assaulted like Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and so many other countless women.

I didn’t have to watch Dr. Ford’s testimony to believe her, I believed her before watching it. Yet as I watched, I couldn’t imagine how anyone else watching could doubt this woman’s experience, or question her integrity or her motives. You could see the fear on her nervous face. You could hear it fear in her unsteady, timid voice. My heart broke for her as she shared her story in front of a predominately male panel, and the rest of the country, painfully reliving her trauma, forced to experience it again, vulnerably, and as if she were on trial. As if she were the one who committed an atrocious act.

Then I watched Kavanaugh’s testimony, and what I saw was a petulant, sniveling, entitled man, acting like a child, showing no remorse or empathy for Dr. Ford, failing to take responsibility for any wrongdoing. I saw a man who is grossly unfit to serve as a Supreme Court Justice on the highest court in this country, for this and for many other reasons, and it is deeply disturbing to know that he is still being considered as a legitimate candidate for Supreme Court Justice. I’m thankful for the surprising week delay in the vote, and FBI investigation, though I remain wary and am not holding my breath for a favorable outcome.

I stand by Dr. Ford, and I stand by all of the other survivors before and after her – ones who may have shared their stories, and ones who may have been silenced. What she did last Thursday was courageous and heroic. She gave hope and comfort to so many other women. Believe these women. Believe these victims and survivors. Far too often their stories go unheard, and if they are heard, far too often they’re not taken seriously, or even worse, they’re blamed. If you’re still wondering why so many women remain silent, or why they remain silent for so long before finally coming forward, all you have to do is read the heinous comments about Dr. Ford on several news sites. It’s no wonder so many women are afraid to come forward, when they’re dismissed, blamed, viciously attacked, and threatened.

I want to conclude this post with a reminder to vote, because the midterms are right around the corner (if you’re not registered, please remedy that here). Remind your friends and family how critical these midterm elections are, and urge them to vote as well.

And I’d also like to share this powerful, beautiful poem by Nikita Gill. I think it speaks for itself.

(Header photo by Tessa Forrest. Oath photo by Tom Williams/AP/REX/Shutterstock. Imagine if, by Laura Dern. America is Black photo by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, via Female Collective. Editorial cartoon by Bruce MacKinnon, via The Chronicle Herald. Stand Together Against White Supremacy quote photo by photo by Paige Emery. Fathers, Do Not Let Your Sons Forget poem and photo by Nikita Gill, via Instagram)

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