Our 5 Favorite Instagrammers to Follow

Maybe it’s because Carrie and I are such visual people, but we love Instagram. It’s the social media outlet we find ourselves using most often. Scrolling through our feeds allows us to see parts of the planet we might not otherwise see, get daily ideas and inspiration, a powerful story, a good laugh, possibly a good cry. Instagram allows us to feel connected to people through the lenses in which they view the world.

Carrie’s Picks

It’s easy to get lost scrolling through page after beautiful page on Instagram. With all the incredible talent out there these days, it was difficult to choose just 5 people that I love to follow. I decided on these, because these are the accounts I find myself going back to again and again.

  • Hannah Queen, handlehannahqueen: Hannah’s is one of the first accounts I ever followed on Instagram, and is still one of my very favorites. She is a photographer, baker, and cookbook author living in Southern Appalachia. Her feed is a combination of her gorgeous, ethereal landscape photographs, her baking, plants, and her favorite books and poems. Since my dream is to one day live in the country, in the mountains, Hannah’s photos of rural Appalachia speak to me in a way that few others do.
  • Lucinda Lovering, handlelululovering:  The photographs on her page are what initially drew me to Lucinda, but it was the outpouring of her heart in the captions that made me stay. Lucinda is a photographer, storyteller, and poet. She lost her fiance to suicide, (I believe about a year ago), and ever since has bravely shared her story with the world. She uses Instagram as her platform to speak out about mental health awareness, and be a light to many. I admire her vulnerability, her desire to help others, and her ability to see beauty even in the face of such tragedy.
  • Joy Prouty, handlejoyprouty: I follow both Joy Prouty’s personal and professional Instagram feeds. As much as I’m a fan of Joy’s beautiful professional photography (@wildflowersjoy), I must say that her personal feed has my heart. She recently began doing a series entitled #thesepicturesarepoems, where she documents the daily lives of her family at their home, on their little slice of Heaven in Tennessee. Joy’s photos are pure magic. She has a way of capturing the essence of childhood, and all those tiny moments that make up a lifetime.
  • Katie Daisy, handlekatieisadaisy: Katie’s feed is just as dreamy as you’d imagine it would be. Take a quick scroll through her page or check out her IG Stories, and you’ll easily see where she gets inspiration for all her crazy beautiful paintings and illustrations. She literally lives in a nature fairy tale world in the Midwest, and although slightly jealous, I love to live vicariously through her photographs.
  • Samantha McBride, handlesamanthamcbridephoto: Samantha McBride is a family photographer, and my latest Instagram obsession. She tells stories wonderfully through her photographs, and she uses light and mood in her own very unique way. When I see one of her images, I just want to jump right in. She balances real life with whimsy very very well.

Hayley’s Picks

My feed runs the gamut of restaurants, food and lifestyle bloggers, illustrators, photographers, actors, bakeries, and people who have a keen eye for home decorating. Here are five of my favorite people to follow these days.

  • Sarah Jessica Parker, handlesarahjessicaparker: Hands down my favorite person to follow on Instagram. There are a lot of high profile celebs out there who flaunt their privileged lifestyle and gloss over things, but she doesn’t. She’s so endearing, and sentimental, and adorably dorky. I just love the way she loves New York. Looking at her feed accurately sums up all of the reasons why it’s my favorite city. Whether she’s sharing sights from an evening walk, a crazy secret alleyway, subway musicians, or her local library, she’s so good at capturing the essence and humanity of New York. I also find her voice extremely comforting. It’s like Carrie Bradshaw telling me about her day.
  • Lucy Halcomb, handleLucy_Mail: I follow a lot of illustrators on Instagram, and Lucy does these awesome little illustrations on the backs of envelopes. I’m obsessed. They’re so cute and very nostalgic. Some are 90s pop culture throwbacks, or tributes to cities, but most of them are of food (and they will give you cravings and long for the days when you opened your lunchbox to find your mom packed you your favorite Hostess treat).
  • Bev Weidner, handlebevcooks: She’s a food blogger and she’s the goofiest. Her feed is a combination of food, plants, and photos of her impossibly cute twins with hilarious captions. And her instastories are the best. She’s posts these hysterical recaps of whatever classic teeny bopper show she’s binging on at the moment, like Felicity, or Dawson’s Creek, and she does silly voices and expressions. I love her sense of humor and willingness to just have fun and be completely ridiculous.
  • Christine McConnell, handlechristinehmcconnell: Christine is a jack of all trades and seems to have creativity oozing out of her, much like the blood from her gory Alien pie. She’s an insane baker, model, and photographer, and even makes her own clothes (her style is very 1950s-inspired). And the thing that really blows my mind is that she’s completely self-taught. I admire and envy that so much. Christine makes these incredibly elaborate, creepy edibles and recreates gruesome scenes from famous horror movies. She’s been referred to as the “Tim Burton of baking,” and I can’t think of a better way to describe her. I think she’s fascinating.
  • Sea Biscuit Bakery, handleseabiscuitbakery: The total randomness of following a bakery in Maine that you’ve never even been to is not lost on me. Their feed contains dreamy photos of their stunning confections, and since I’m a big baker, I’m drawn right in. Andrew Knowlton from Bon Appétit posted a photo of their gorgeous key lime pie on Instagram, and I immediately started following. I go to Maine every year to visit family, but haven’t been to Rockport yet, though it’s safe to say this place is definitely near the top of my bakery bucket list (yes, I have a bakery bucket list).

Header collage photo attribution: Top row: Samantha McBride, Lucy Halcomb, Sarah Jessica Parker. Second row: Christine McConnell, Lucinda Lovering, Katie Daisy. Third row, Bev Weidner, Sea Biscuit Bakery, Hannah Queen

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